My new single, 'Away They Fly', and review

I'll be releasing my first official single, 'Away They Fly' on 9th June 2017. Here's a lovely review of it:

"alas no sound links on this just yet, safe to say it’s something very special. a trailer single ‘away they fly’ has had us captivated and swooned in its ethereal web, it comes lifted from a debut full length looming on the horizon entitled ‘braids’ that’s due for adoring sometime early July. By Eiks, described in passing as a Japanese / English songwriter reared on the beautified craft of Ryuichi Sakamoto and much beguiled by the influence of Nick Drake and Radiohead, ‘away they fly’ is charmed in sprays of honey toned pastorals that weave and flicker throughout all the time opining and genuflecting to evoke a sense of a wood crafted wonderland daydreamed in mysterious enchantment, the vocals like willowy siren calls sigh to an airy folk psalm twinkled in noir toned string swathes, if its references you require then you couldn’t go far wrong than imagining a hazily twilight set picnic around whose feasting layout sat members of the Owl Service, Oddfellows Casino and Beautify Junkyards."