Review of Away They Fly by Gold Flake Paint

Here is a lovely review of Away They Fly by Trevor Elkin of Gold Flake Paint:

"They say we are a product of our unique experiences, so, what matters most is how we make sense of them. There is so much we don’t understand and can never probably know, but the point is it’s all about trying. New to us, Japanese-British DIY artist Eiks is no stranger to this endless quest, and its lessons are something which course through her work. 

Shaped by an upbringing in Jordan, life in London, Japan and travelling the world, Eiks’ self-taught folk-touched music makes sharp observations about the world, rendering it both familiar and alien. From her debut album Braids, due in July, ‘Away They Fly’ is a tender welcome to Eiks’ profoundly dreamy world, stirred by her haunted vocals. The scene gently undulates, people and places shift in and out focus, while weeping strings and lightly picked guitars describe the only constant presence, of birds soaring above it all. 

Close your eyes and fall into the simple, magical beauty of Eiks below."